A&S Consultation Tables

We are very excited to offer A&S Consultations at Roses this year!

A&S Consultations are a new kingdom-wide initiative spearheaded by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Master Philip White. This is a chance for artisans to get feedback on their A&S projects and documentation from Laurels and Maunches familiar with the process of A&S judging, outside of the context of a competition. You bring yourself, a project if it's portable, and documentation if you have it; then you can sit with a team of judges to talk about your work!

We are happy to talk informally with you about your projects, offering our general thoughts and advice, or, we can provide you with a more structured sample walk-through of your project based off of the kingdom rubric and judging process that we use at A&S Champions.

We will have two tables in the A&S building for this purpose. Tables will be open from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. There's no need to register - just walk up, say hi, and start chatting!

If you cannot chat during the scheduled time at the event, but wish feedback, please e-mail Master Magnus (thewhaleshark@frontrowcrew.com), and we will arrange another time to talk.

If you are interested in helping out by being a judge, please also email Magnus at the above email address and indicate your desire to be a judge. To be a judge, you must have a Laurel or a Maunche (or equivalent GoA-level arts award from another kingdom).

Anyone, regardless of award status or rank, may 'shadow' a judging team to learn the process and get a feel for evaluations. If you are interested in doing so, please also email Magnus at the address above and indicate your interest in shadowing.