A&S Competition


Concordians, Easterners and Visitors. 

It is (will be) WAR! 

The Hundred Years War has barely ended but once again war is upon us. The mighty houses of York and Lancaster are fighting for the Crown of England and France. The War of the Roses has begun. Lords, clerics, commoners and serfs are once more caught up in the turmoil and intrigues of royalty. 

How did they entertain and amuse themselves to distract from the horrors of war? The Lords and Ladies, Knights, Squires, Clergy and common folk of England loved to hear heroic tales and bawdy ballads. They would certainly have heard of the tales of Chaucer's pilgrims to Canterbury and the renown of the legendary Roland. 

Therefore, Artisans of Concordia, the East and neighbors, we call upon you to produce an item in a medium of your choosing which is mentioned in The Canterbury Tales or the Song of Roland. Tell us about the tale or verse which inspired you and document how you fashioned your work. 

We will hold a populace vote during the competition. Their Excellencies Concordia shall also choose one artisan from among those who answer this challenge as Their Champion of the Arts and Sciences.

Lord John Kelton of Grayhorn
A&S Champion, Barony of Concordia of the Snows