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Heavy Weapons Champion

*****2016 Information*****

The Challenge:

To all who Make War with Heavy Armor and Rattan, I am lærifaðir Magnus hvalmagi, their Excellencies' Champion of Heavy Fighting, and I challenge any and all who would seek the honor that I hold. If you believe yourself worthy of the title of Champion of Heavy Fighting, you will test your mettle and your might in a tournament of my design. I will welcome you to my hall, you will be provisioned, and then you will fight fiercely to determine who among you is the greatest warrior.

The Format:
  • The tournament is limited to eight (8) entrants at most. Priority will be given to those who show up on time to register for the tourney (one hour prior to start time), and to those who would swear fealty and accept the office of Champion.
  • All entrants must have full hand protection as indicated in the Marshal's Handbook (i.e. at least a hockey glove). No basket hilts will be available in this format. Some loaner gloves may be available if you don't have any, but this is not a guarantee.
  • All combatants enter the list unarmed - you will not use your own weapons. You will be provisioned with matched weapons on the listfield. In addition, special weapons will be available in the list.
  • All combatants will be assigned a number that will be affixed to the front of their helmet. 
  • When "lay on" is called, a 15 minute timer will be started. The timer will be paused for any holds.
  • All armed combatants in the list are assumed to be engaged with all other armed combatants in the list at all times.
  • When a combatant is dealt a good blow, they are to withdraw from the fracas, drop the weapons they are holding, exit the listfield, and report to the MOL. 
  • Combatants will supply the MOL with the number of the fighter who dealt the blow, and the MOL will record this as 1 point for the fighter who dealt the blow.
  • The dead fighter may then re-enter the list, re-arm themselves, and re-engage combat.
  • At the end of 15 minutes, the fighter who has accrued the most points is the victor!