Family Activities

*****2016 Information*****

A fun-filled weekend is planned, with plenty of things to do, come rain or shine.

Saturday morning starts with a chance to get your heart rate up, with some lively medieval field games. All ages are welcome to join us on the Family Field, whether you want to participate in the games, or cheer from the sidelines. There will be prizes! (In case of rain, modified field games will be played in the Family Activities building).

Throughout the weekend there will be a variety of Arts & Sciences classes, suitable for all ages. Parents are required to accompany their children at all activities. An area in the Family Activities building will be set up all weekend with medieval board games for all to enjoy. Challenge your child to a game of Nine Man Morris, or Fox & Geese!

In addition, on Saturday afternoon there will be a roundtable, just for teens, where they can share their ideas about how to make the SCA a better organization for them. See the write-up below for more information.

There will be several martial activities over the weekend, geared to youth participants. Check the schedule when you arrive on site.

Don’t forget – the war point goes to the side that has the most participants. Come play with us!

Teen RoundtableSaturday at 2:30

Join us in this roundtable designed to be a brainstorming session specifically to facilitate the expansion of activities for young adults aged 12 to 17 in the East Kingdom. After the age of 12, and until the age of 18, there is little offered at events to engage your curious minds. In addition, there seems to be a marginalization of this age bracket. By seeking feedback from you, our teens, we can gauge any common themes discussed, and work towards creating/enhancing activities that you can participate in, find challenging, and enjoy. Let's make your event experiences as memorable, consistent, and rewarding as we can!

If you have the desire to be known for your own unique qualities and ever-present skills, we need to hear from you! We need your help. If you are a teen and can attend, please do! Tell your friends! Bring your friends! This is YOUR Society too and you, more than anyone, need to help plan the future and create a place where you feel included, challenged and appreciated. If we don't hear from you, how can we change it and make it a more enriching and rewarding hobby? Adults are also welcome to attend as space permits.

Some of the ideas discussed at the roundtables include: exposure to event schedules, heraldry, teen novice scholas, teen-run (or co-stewarded) events and classes, creating a Teen Point, Gold-Key, kitchen assistance, games, teen and youth awards (presentation by teens), and mentors to guide teens toward apprenticeships, squirings and protege positions, find ways to overcome the stereotypical 'teen box'. We would also like to offer assistance with creating EK Wiki pages, persona development with our herald-extraordinaires and other aspects of the SCA.

 If you're interested in helping out with Family Activities, please contact the Family Activities Coordinator directly. 

Please remember that parents are responsible for their children at all times. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the East Kingdom Chancellor Minor Policies