A note from Marshall in Charge of Fencing, Don Therion Sean Storie:

Fencers take note: You will be stickered with a white or a red rose after you’ve been inspected. It’s not dissimilar for the process at Pennsic. When you come to the Rapier Tent bring your authorization card and ALL of the weapons you plan to use FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. If something in your armor or weaponry changes during the event it must be inspected/re-inspected by a marshal before use. If you don’t have a sticker you will not be allowed to compete in the tourney.

Fencing Schedule


6pm - 9pm ~ Inspections/Sign in & Open Fencing

7pm-8pm ~ Dinner and Death ~ “Because the condemned deserve a hearty meal”
I will be bringing a large pot of chili, made by Baroness Hierytha Storie, to be shared, while it lasts, amongst all those who wish to come and fight. The format of the tourney has yet to be determined. If you wish to bring something to share with the chili you are welcome but not required. Come join in this warmup to the weekends mayhem.
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie

9pm - 10:30pm ~ Torchlight Tourney ~ “It’s a shot in the dark” 
This will be a round robin fought under torchlight with bulls-eye lanterns as a rigid parry device
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie


10am – 12pm ~ Inspections/Sign in

11am - 12pm ~ Gamblers Tourney ~ “Throw the dice and take your chances”
This tourney will be a multi-form tournament. Each combatant will throw the dice to determine what form they will bring. If you are not authorizes in a from you must default to single.
Host: Madame Anne de Basillion

12am - 1pm ~ Short But Deadly ~ "Who says size doesn't matter"
This tourney is a double elimination tourney focused on the use of ANY short blade that is 32inches in length from the tip of the blade to the cross piece of the sword. No secondaries allowed, however, Daggers can be used as the primary weapon. So get ready to get up close and personal because it's time to dance cheek to cheek in the grand Concordian fashion.
Host: Master Caine Ramsey

1pm – 2:30pm ~ EK Pennsic Rapier Champs Qualifier/Practice
Want to make it on the Pennsic Rapier Champions Team? Now's your chance! One of a series of tournaments/practices across several events, the results from this will help determine the makeup of this year's team. (Though anyone can fight tournament, you'll be asked if you plan on attending Pennsic and want to make the team.) Bring your best weapon form. Each pass will be fought once, though double-kills will be refought so as to make the tournament as clean as possible. Nothing strange or fancy here.

3pm- 4pm ~ Selective Targets ~ “It’s all about point control”
This shall be a single elimination tourney. Only designated shots will be counted as good.

     Thrusts to the face, below the line of the eyebrows.
     Cuts or Thrusts to the neck. 
     Cuts or Thrusts to the underside of the arm as normal
     Cuts or Thrusts to the Groin and sides of the thigh as normal. 
     Cuts to the inside of the hands shall disable the relevant hand.
     Cuts to the inside of the forearm from the elbow joint to the wrist shall disable the        arm.
     Thrusts to the pit of the elbow shall disable the arm.
     Cuts to the pit and sides of the knee will disable that leg.
     Thrusts to the base of the kneecap will disable the leg.
     Cuts to the hamstring will disable the leg. 

All other blows shall be ignored. Any combatant that is judged by the marshal to be abusing the spirit of the rules shall be given warning or removed by the marshal's discretion. The tournament will be fought as a single elimination bracket with no restriction on forms.  


9am - 10am ~ Inspections/Sign in 

10:30am – 12pm ~ Baronial Rapier Championship ~ “Elegance in it's most simplistic form”
*Anyone who enters the tourney must be willing to commit to the duties of the baronial champion, and they must have no duties or fealties which would conflict with these duties. Any gentles who are not residents of the Barony of Concordia of the Snows who wish to compete for the championship must present themselves to Their Excellencies before the tourney. Their Excellencies wish to remind all interested that a rapier is by definition a single-hand weapon. At Their command, longswords and similar weapons will not be allowed in the tourney. If you are interested in entering the Baronial champion competition, please read the Baronial champion requirements* 
    This year Baronial Rapier Tournament will be fought SINGLE RAPIER ONLY, even the finals. It will be run as a single elimination, wounds retained, dead-is-dead (no re-fights) tournament. Finalists will fight best of three bouts under the same tournament rules with the winner becoming the new Baronial Rapier Champion. 
    Please be aware that Her Excellency, Baroness Lylie of Penhyl will be watching closely so that she may offer a token to her choice of most elegant bout of the tournament.
Host: Lord Robert of Anglesper

1pm – 3pm ~ Rapiers & Roses Tournament ~ “we all need a little R&R”
Come join us for an annual favorite. Rapiers and Roses is a timed bear pit tourney. Fighters may choose to fight any other fighter in the open list for the duration of the tourney. Each win is worth 2 points. Each loss is worth 1 point. The victor of each match will provide a rose (provided by our host) to a gentle of the losers choice. Said gentle must be within the battlefield area of the site. 
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie