Heavy Weapons

Please familiarize yourself with the Policies of the Earl Marshall of the East Kingdom.

MIC: Skarphedinn inn havi


9:30 AM - Inspections & Authorizations Heavy List Field

10:00 AM - Claude the Frank Memorial Tourney 
This is a great sword and polearm tournament only.

11:00 AM - Nobles Town Battle 
Town battle, timed battle. the shortest time wins Atackers have unlimited resurrections. Defenders have none. The clock stops when the defending Noble dies or surrenders. 

12:30 PM - Battle of Ludford Bridge
Bridge battle. War point given to the winning side with the best 2 out of 3 battles.

1:30 PM - Battle of Bosworth Field
War point credit given to the winning side with the best 2 out of 3 battles. 

3:30 PM- Pickups
Pick-ups may continue as  long as there are marshals available.


9:30 AM - Armor Inspection 

11:00  AM - Baronial Heavy Championship Tournament

12:00 PM - Tournament of Roses 
Double elimination. The faction with the greater number of victories will be awarded the war point.