Help Wanted: Newcomer's Tent!

posted Apr 20, 2017, 11:32 AM by Kate Crandall   [ updated Apr 20, 2017, 11:54 AM ]

Are you looking to help out at Wars of the Roses, but aren't sure where to help? Are you excited about the SCA, and want to share your enthusiasm with others? Then, a shift at the Newcomers tent would be perfect for you!

Volunteer opportunities for "Wars of the Roses Newcomers" are now open. We are looking for help from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday, in two hour blocks. It would be ideal to have 2 people per time block, but we will need at least one per block.

Snacks and beverages will be provided by our Chatelaine, Anne de Basillion!

To sign up, click here and follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!

Calling All Merchants!

posted Mar 7, 2017, 7:43 AM by Kate Crandall   [ updated Mar 7, 2017, 9:36 AM ]

Last year's Wars of the Roses had record attendance of more than 600 people! This year, we're hoping to break that record! At Wars of the Roses we offer heavy fighting, fencing, target archery, thrown weapons, youth fighting & fencing, an arts and sciences display, bardic activities, dancing, brewing, family activities, and so much more! We're hoping to expand our merchants this year as well. With this many people in attendance, and having shelter for all of the merchants who would like it, Wars of the Roses has a lot going for it! Here's what The Haunted Bookshop said about merchanting at last year's Wars of the Roses:

War of the Roses in NY was a very good show for us. I brought down 38 boxes of books, set up on 2 8 ft tables and 1 six foot table, plus two small six ft plastic tables for Kendrick and his bookbinding supplies. I was a little concerned, since there were only 4 vendors in the area we were, plus one outside and one in the food hall besides the two food merchants. Low on merchants...this should be rectified, tis a good show. All the vendors did well that I talked to. .Thought there would be 300 max of people attending. Ended up being 600 in their new location.
The show was three hours away - thought what the heck. Plus the merchant area was INSIDE! The weather averaged 93 degrees each day and people were very hot. However, we did very well. I doubled what I had wanted to make plus Kendrick had a few sales as well. This show is definitely going on our calendar for next year.
The merchant camping area was right next to the Merchant building and the parking lot right next to the camping area so very easy access for everything. Next year will bring more fans now that I know there are plenty of outlets for electricity plus I don't need to bring lights - very well lit. Everyone was very friendly. Decided not to make our own food since Kate's Kakes had breakfast and Mongolian Wok had lunch and dinner. The merchant liason, autocrats, barons and baronesses were very attentive to the needs of the merchants and checked in on us to make sure there was anything we needed. I was very impressed. Plus there was a good flow of customers for a small show. I hope other merchants looking for a show will look into this one. Attendees looking for an SCA event should look into this one as well! They had classes - I will attend those next year plus dancing, fighting and bardic activities among other things.. It is always Memorial Day Weekend. The site is a large site and I can see War of the Roses growing into it and using the other buildings - tis an old 4H camp with amenities like showers, bathrooms etc..

Gwyneth. The Haunted Bookshop

If you're interested in being a Merchant at Wars of the Roses XXXVIII, please complete the application on the Merchant page. Please remember, the site does require all food vendors to list them as an insured on your liability insurance policy for the duration of the event. Food vendors may purchase this from the site for $100.00.

We Need Volunteers!

posted May 17, 2016, 6:50 AM by Kate Crandall   [ updated May 17, 2016, 6:10 PM ]

Every successful event relies heavily on their volunteers. Wars of the Roses needs your help! Here are some things we'll need:
  • Set-up Crew - We will need lots of hands to help set up tents, signs, and other things around the Wars of the Roses site on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Contact either Event Steward directly to volunteer for this. 
  • Gate - Each shift is 2 hours. It is best if we can have at least 2 people for each shift, particularly during the busy times later Friday and Saturday morning. The only requirements are that you be an SCA member and be at least 18 years old (and preferably that you can handle money and write fairly legibly). Volunteering at Gate is a great way to meet people and see your friends when they arrive at the site. Sign up for as many shifts as you would like here:
  • Minions - Minions are around to assist the Event Steward with on-site tasks including, but not limited to, getting messages to someone, taking a thing somewhere, making sure the Event Steward drinks water, finding a lost parent, general schmoozing and meeting cool people. All shifts are 1 hour shifts. Feel free to sign up for as many as you'd like here:
  • Tear-down Crew - We will need many hands for tear-down, as well. We know everyone wants to be done and go home after a long weekend. But so do the Event Stewards. The more hands that help with tear-down, the faster everyone gets home.  Contact either Event Steward directly to volunteer for this. 
If you're interested in helping please use the links provided to sign up. We thank you in advance for helping to make this event a successful one!

Family Activities

posted May 6, 2016, 6:28 PM by Kate Crandall   [ updated May 7, 2016, 7:38 AM ]

An announcement from our Family Activities Coordinator:

Do you have a great idea for a fun family activity at Roses? Are you willing to help out for an hour? I am particularly looking for help from 1:00 to 2:00 on Saturday (when I will be teaching my class, so I am not available), but if you have time to share on either afternoon, I can fit you into the schedule. So far we will have field games, hopefully an hour each day (there will be prizes); spinning for the young at heart; stick weaving; jewelry making; a teen round table; and a youth archery tournament. There is a war point for family activities, so lets give kids a reason to show up and participate! I know you all have good ideas. Please share one, and a little bit of your time.

Thank you in advance.

Yours in service,


A&S Competition

posted Mar 7, 2016, 10:59 AM by Kate Crandall

The Arts and Sciences Competition has been posted! 

This year's challenge is to present something you have learned since Roses last year, that is completely new for you.

I want you to learn about something that is outside your current skillset, the greater removed the better. For example, I write Italian poetry and paint illuminations for scrolls. For this competition, I might go to Mistress Ose (or someone similar) and ask her to teach me nallbinding, or I might take a class at an event about how to make glass beads.

Along with a sample of your work, you must also provide a BRIEF (no more than 2 pages) writeup that documents what you have learned as period/relevant to the SCA, why you chose it as your new art or science of choice, and what the learning process was like (how did you learn about it - did you take a class, talk to a peer, read a book, etc? Was it hard to learn how to do? What specific examples of this new skill have you acquired? And so forth). Entries will be scored based on quality of work and documentation, with heavy consideration towards how new and different the subject is to you.

A Site Now Seen

posted Feb 8, 2016, 12:14 PM by Olivia Baker   [ updated Mar 7, 2016, 7:44 AM by Kate Crandall ]

Let's talk a bit about our new site, shall we?
The Schaghticoke fairgrounds is a 35+ acre site located in Schaghticoke, NY. The Shire of Glenn Linn has graciously agreed to allow the Barony of Concordia of the Snows to hold Wars of the Roses here. We're all very excited about this new site!

The Fairgrounds has ample land for camping, fighting, fencing, archery, family activities, and all of the other wonderful activities Roses has to offer.

There is a wonderful little stage in the central park area for Commedia and bardic activities. There are 3 sets of centrally located bathrooms on site. Two of these have multiple coin-operated shower stalls ($0.25 for 5 minutes).
We all know the weather on Memorial Day weekend can be unpredictable at best. In addition to all of this wonderful land, the Fairgrounds has ample indoor space. Should the weather turn south, we will be able to move nearly all activities under shelter. (Sorry, archers.)

Better still, should Mother Nature do her worst, we will be able to CAMP 
INDOORS! That's right! There are many buildings with dirt floors, able to accommodate indoor camping. We will be able to set up our tents and still have protection from the weather. 

So, regardless of what happens with the weather, firm up those plans and come camp with us at Wars of the Roses! Remember, there's a pretty nice discount for early registration! If you have additional questions about camping or site amenities, please contact our co-autocrat, Lord Joel of Vestfell

Roses as you've never seen it before...

posted Feb 5, 2016, 6:39 AM by Joel Lord   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 7:43 AM by Olivia Baker ]

The Barony of Concordia of the Snows is pleased to announce that for the first time in more than 21 years, the Wars of the Roses is at a new site.

The Schaghticoke Fairgrounds has many amenities that we have been wishing for over the years, and we hope that all good gentles agree that this move is a good thing.

  • Buildings that can hold the entire event other than archery in case of bad weather
    • Sorry, Archers, but the range is just too big for any of the buildings we have to work with
  • Buildings for Merchants and Food Vendors, unless they really want to be outside
  • Hookups for campers
    • Using a camper hookup will cost an extra $45 for the weekend
  • Central showers
    • Unfortunately, these cost $0.25 for 5 minutes of shower
    • We will be stocking quarters at gate
  • Restrooms throughout the site
  • Hot and cold running water in all the sinks in all the restrooms
  • A supermarket literally across the street, but not visible from most of the site
  • Restaurants within walking distance

Kassir NiDeoraine

posted May 7, 2015, 7:29 AM by Kate Crandall   [ updated May 7, 2015, 7:31 AM ]

Lady Kassir NiDeoraine will be volunteering in the family activities. She has an extensive history working with children at events and has done it on and off for over 15 years. She also has the proud title of being Concordia's first Chancellor of Minors.

Thank you, Kassir, for your service! And welcome to the 2015 Wars of the Roses team!

Katryne Morgant

posted Mar 5, 2015, 5:34 PM by Kate Crandall   [ updated Mar 5, 2015, 5:37 PM ]

Lady Katryne Morgant, our Family Activities Coordinator, is pleased to be involved with the Barony's youth once more. This will be her second time organizing adventurous/wacky/creative times for children from toddlers to teens and everyone in between. With a 1st night activity for children of all ages to the last day give away there's not an activity to be missed! Kat brings over 15 years of teaching experience and nearly 10 years of playing in the SCA to help make your War of Roses enjoyable for the whole family.

Thank you, Katryne, for your service! And welcome to the 2015 Wars of the Roses team!

Family Activities Announcement

posted Feb 10, 2015, 11:59 AM by Kate Crandall   [ updated Feb 10, 2015, 12:00 PM ]

A note from our Family Activities coordinator:

Greetings unto the Populace!

If anyone in the Barony wanted to lead a group activity for the youth in our realm please contact me off list so that I can put you into the schedule. Events are rounding out nicely with both physical and quieter games and crafts.

This year each youth that comes through troll will receive their own welcome kit. Those that pre-reg will also receive a leather(leather like) craft that they can complete in their camp.

If you have suggestions please feel free to contact me. I love hearing new ideas :)

In Service to the Dream
Katryne Morgant

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