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A&S Competition

posted Mar 7, 2016, 10:59 AM by Kate Crandall

The Arts and Sciences Competition has been posted! 

This year's challenge is to present something you have learned since Roses last year, that is completely new for you.

I want you to learn about something that is outside your current skillset, the greater removed the better. For example, I write Italian poetry and paint illuminations for scrolls. For this competition, I might go to Mistress Ose (or someone similar) and ask her to teach me nallbinding, or I might take a class at an event about how to make glass beads.

Along with a sample of your work, you must also provide a BRIEF (no more than 2 pages) writeup that documents what you have learned as period/relevant to the SCA, why you chose it as your new art or science of choice, and what the learning process was like (how did you learn about it - did you take a class, talk to a peer, read a book, etc? Was it hard to learn how to do? What specific examples of this new skill have you acquired? And so forth). Entries will be scored based on quality of work and documentation, with heavy consideration towards how new and different the subject is to you.