The Village

This year, we will have a brand new area set up with spaces for open table use (games/coloring/etc), open-area free-play, and an Artisans’ Row/Village-type space for active arts and sciences during the day.

The goal is to provide a community area that is both family-friendly and full of typical SCA activity.

The Village is open to everyone to display their craft and/or teach about what they are doing. Signing up ahead of time will make it easier to coordinate if you need to make advance arrangements, but folks are welcome to bring in their craft and display or work on it without advance notice as long as all safety rules are obeyed. Adjacent play area will allow parents to engage in the Village while also supervising their nearby children. We will even have a few participatory “main events” happening in the Village such as a human chess game. We hope that this will be a popular addition to the event that will encourage more active arts and sciences activities and opportunities to learn hands-on things!

If you are interested in bringing something to share, please contact Lady Finnguala (Family Participation Coordinator) and let her know! She will help work out logistics with anyone who so wishes ahead of the event. In addition, if you would like to teach a hands-on class that would work better in an Artisan's Village-type setup than around a picnic table in the A&S building, please include Mistress Ose (A&S Coordinator) in your email so that we can get it on the schedule!