The Class schedule is now up!

Roses University Schedule.xls

SELECT CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (For more information, see the site book):
  • Beginning Mead - Introduction to mead making for the novice brewer
  • Introduction to Cordials - Cordial and Liqueur making for the novice
  • So What is the SCA? - The very basics about the Society for Creative Anachronism. What it is, how it started and what you can do in it. Your questions are encouraged. 
  • Awards in the SCA: Why and How - Part of the SCA experience  involves awards and honors. What are they? How do people get them? What are some of the ways people approach the whole concept of awards? Is it OK to want to get awards? 
  • What is court, and what do I do during court? - Any event you attend that the king and queen are at, like this weekend's, is bound to have court as one of the things scheduled to happen. We’ll talk about why courts happen, what to look for and how to make it interesting for yourself. We’ll also talk about what to do if you are called into court. 
  • Peerage basics and roundtable - Like any club, group or organization, the SCA has awards, and those awards have a hierarchy. During this hour or so, we will talk about the peerages, the highest awards in the SCA, and we will have peers there to talk about what their peerages mean to them and how the peerages have changed their SCA experiences.
  • Building Weapons for Youth Combat - Come join Constantine, an expert youth combat weapons-maker, who knows all the rules to make sure yours passes inspection and can give advice about sizing and materials that best suit your fighting style. We've purchased weapons-making supplies in bulk so that you will have an assortment of colors and styles, and the tools necessary to make them, right here at Roses.
  • Beginning Tablet WeavingLearn to embellish your garb with hand woven trims! This class is an introduction for the beginner. Learn the basics of technique, how to read a draft, thread the cards, and weave a small sample to take home! You will get a kit with everything you need to get started, including 8 weaving tablets and a warp. All other equipment will be available to borrow. Class limit: 3 students.
  • Tablet Weaving Techniques: Soumak - Learn to add metallic thread embellishments to your tablet woven bands as you weave with this surface embellishment technique! This class is for the intermediate tablet weaver who can confidently weave a basic band. You may purchase a set of threaded tablets as a kit, or contact me in advance for the threading pattern if you want to bring your own threaded warp. If you have your own tablet loom, please bring it, I will have backstrap looms available to borrow. Maximum class size, 4
  • Easy Eyelets for Everyone - Different styles of eyelets.
  • Nalbinding Accessories - You've learned a stitch or 2, now let's explore all the things you can do with it! We will work on samples as we discuss different ways to make hats, mittens, gloves, socks, pouches. We'll talk about different ways to start; finishing neatly; how to make thumbs and heels; "reading" your nalbinding; and how to make your stitches match the stitch size in artifacts. Come with your questions. While the class is not specifically meant to teach a new stitch, feel free to ask for help perfecting a stitch you have learned. Feel free to bring along projects you are working on. 
  • Spinning with Spindle & Wheel - Experiment with wool on various tools - top & bottom whorl spindles, light & heavy on a Saxony wheel. Beginner and more confident spinners are welcome. Bring the wool you've spun back on Sunday and use it to make something special with nalbinding.
  • A Fun History of Tunics in the First 1000 Years of the Game - Leave this class with an understanding of how the tunic changed over time and how you can make your own patterns.
  • Herb Gardening - A class on growing period herbs.